Sarah Jay

I think of my purpose and why my passion lies behind the lens; looking back on my captures, the reward is seizing the raw emotion humans feel for one another. It is such a beautiful thing to learn the connection people share, to capture a moment that can be looked back on for a life time.

As a passionate creature who is driven by emotion and energy, the intimate moments that come along with engagements, weddings, maternity, newborn, expressional portraits, and you being a badass goddess is what ignites me. I have a fire for adventure with a low-key aspect to me; so if it’s a venture you crave or a mellow mood that moves you, I am the girl to deliver whatever scene your heart desires.

My design behind the camera is to collaborate my shooting style with your style of expression; adapt to the expression that represents you. To capture the true in you, to capture the truth in the connections I have before me, I create an atmosphere that allows the natural vibes to flow. Be you, be free and feel in the moment, as if I am not even there, and that is what will make for the best of captures. 

So let’s get out there and capture it!

All my love to those who love,

Sarah Jay